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Just Cause

As you may have noticed in some of my blogs I am struggling with some spiritual issues. I have lost trust in a lot of people. Which for me, well it took a lot for them to get my trust and then they just throw it away like it was a piece of trash. These are people who call themselves Christians. These were people who I thought were my friends.

I don’t know, maybe it was my fault…that is what my dad always said. That I was not even worthy of having friends…so I guess this is God’s way of making sure that doesn’t happen. Just lead me to someone who will open you up to the “Good News” and let you into their home, call you a friend then just stop talking to you…Period.

I just wish that before they stopped talking to me they would have at least let me know what I did wrong. I mean God isn’t telling me so it must be pretty bad. Was I not Christian enough? Did I not pray enough for other people? Did I not give enough of my time to help someone? Or was it that I just wasn’t the right person to be a Christian? If you have read my logs then you know that I don’t know how to get angry the right way, I don’t know how to do anything the right way. Even after I tried all the things that my Christian friends asked me to do…I was never good enough for them.

Well, I just want to say that I am sorry, not for being good enough for them, but for them. They missed a great opportunity to help bring someone who would love to have that close relationship with Jesus Christ. But now wonders if all that they spewed out of their mouths was just nonsense.

Yes I am a little mad, hopefully in the right way, but I don’t think this is my entire fault. I do accept my responsibility in the whole matter, and I will take the punishment for whatever that may be. My hope is that the ones who stood right in front of me and called me friend will read this, which I doubt, and maybe just maybe start that dialogue with me again. Who knows maybe I will open up and talk to them too.

Why? Just cause.


Does God know your voice?

You are probably thinking what a strange question to ask? Of course he knows my voice why wouldn’t he. But there is also a few of you who are saying, I don’t think He hears me anymore or knows my voice. Why is that because you are struggling with an issue in your life that you think is too big for God to handle or something horrible happened and you are in conflict with God at the moment and it is too hard to turn back to Him right now.

To me, and I have a little experience in this area, God is waiting on hold, by the door, in your heart for you to talk to Him. He knows when you are struggling and He is willing to be patient and whispers to you, He will walk with you He listen to you cry. He knows what your voices sounds like because He has never left you; He stayed with you to comfort you, even if you do not know He is there.

God also knows the people who have “checked-out” and have decided to try things on their own till it goes horribly wrong. That’s when they turn to Him to have God bail them out. God is there but He handles things differently with them. He is waiting for them to become a desperate, hungry person who will not just be a “Sunday Christian”, but one who will bring Him into every aspect of their lives. So when the tough times, the spiritual meltdowns happen, though someone may not be talking to Him, He is still there waiting on hold and listening.

Now with that said, I use to be one of the “checked-out” people and then I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior. It has not been an easy road for me, due to so many things that are way too lengthy to go into here, and I do struggle with God. The last year and a half have been the worst for me and my family. And honestly I did not see God in anything around me. I did stop talking to Him, praying to Him. Why? Because I felt I had too. But the whole time I was struggling to talk to God, to pray to Him I never felt like He was not there. I never felt like He would forget what I sounded like, what my voice sounded like. Why…because God knew that what I needed was time and space. He never left me and He knew that I would never leave Him. He waited on hold, by the door and in my heart. He whispered to me every day, He cried with me, He held my hand. Did I know this at the time, no? But He did. I am doing better about talking to God, praying to God and listening for His voice too.

That is why I was so happy when God said to me “Finally, I’ve been on hold a long time and I love you.”

Why is the moon so far away from the earth?
Why does every Miss America want world peace?
Why do dogs chase their tails?
Do we really need to learn how to divide integers to make it in the real world?
What would really happen if you ripped the tag off the new mattress?
Do cats really have 9 lives?
If a tree does fall in the forest can it make a sound?
Why can’t we all just get along?
Will there be peace in the Middle East?
When you go to church and no one talks to you, are you still a Christian?
If you have been baptized in the name of the Son, the Father and the Holy Spirit does that automatically make you a GOOD Christian?
If you read your Bible every day but don’t practice what the word says then why read your Bible?
If you know a friend is hurting and lonely and you don’t seek them out then how can you call yourself a Christian?
Why do people demand respect, but aren’t willing to offer it themselves?
What would happen if every one cared?
How do spiders make those really cool webs?
Why is it called a Silent Night the day Jesus was born?
Why is it that no one cares until it is too late?
Why can dogs love unconditionally, but people can’t?
Why is it called Jumbo Shrimp?
Why can’t penguins fly?
Why doesn’t anyone know that Clark Kent and Superman is the same person?
How can bumblebees really fly?