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Sleigh Bells Ring…

Sleigh bells ring on a silent night.  When no one is listening and things are not right.

A baby is born, did you hear the news?  Sleigh bells ring, while angles sing their cues.

One bright star with requests to follow, the animals bow down, but the rest remain hollow.

Sheppard’s watch over their flock, while others just sit and mock.

Sleigh bells ring on a silent night.

Hark; the angles begin to sing louder, as the shout glory to a newborn king is born without thunder.

The star is brighter and the bells are stronger, Sheppard’s look up and begin to ponder.

Who is this baby, that they angles sing, on a silent night as sleigh bells ring.

The little lamb looks up as the drummer boy starts to play, to a baby born on this day.

Sleigh bells ring on a silent night; someone is listening and shouted with delight.

Have you heard the news? A king is born in a stable so forlorn.

So they called it Christmas, but what have you learned?

Another year over and you have yet begun.

Sleigh bells ring on a silent night, when no one was listening and things were not right.

The baby was born in a stable, and made it possible for us to be able.

To sing praises to the one who came, the one that was given a beautiful name…

A name that is spoken throughout the land, a name that brings brightness to any one at hand

Sleigh bells ring, are you listening, in the lane a baby is glistening.

A beautiful site, we are happy tonight, Walking through a beautiful wonderland.



How Many Days…

How many days can you sit alone?
How long will you cry?
The pain that is engulfing you
The pain you try to hide.
How many nights will you try to sleep?
How many nights are you awake?
Some nights it doesn’t seem worth it
Some nights you just have to fake
How many days can you go without?
How many days do you play?
Such a silly thought
But what do you say?
How many days do you talk to God?
How many days to you pray?
Do you sit and bow your head?
Do you have another way?
How many days do you have to cry?
How many days will there be tears?
The pain that has a hold on you
The pain is showing its years
How many days will you be alone?
How many days can you take?
Can you hold on and grab a hand
Promise it won’t be a mistake.