writing_letters11Have you ever wanted to just send a letter to someone you didn’t know but totally respected. Someone that you thought would be the best person to lay your life on the line with and hold nothing back. You could tell that person anything and everything, because hey they don’t know you.
You would start the letter off by saying, “You are sorry to bother them, but needed to vent or confess to someone and you look like a very trustworthy person.” Then go into depth. You would talk about the way you feel like you have ruined everyone’s life. How nothing you do is ever good enough, and so you just stop trying. The way people walk away from you when you walk in the room. How people talk about you behind your back because of what you post or say on your social media account.
Maybe you just want to get that long ago secret that you have been keeping off your chest. You know the one about your dad, mom, brother, sister, etc. The one where you were abused, the one where one of your parents was gay, that one of you siblings is homeless and is drinking him/herself to death.
Or maybe it is one of your deep dark secrets, one that you may or may not be ashamed of but because people say you need to be an open book, until they hear your story, you only feel comfortable sharing to a stranger. You were raped, you had an abortion, you robbed a bank.
Maybe it is just something as simple as that the people around you, the ones who say they are your friends and announce from the mountain tops that they are Christians, are the same people who will shame you and judge you for your past transgressions and the only way you feel safe to reveal anything to anyone is to someone you do not know.
As you sit at your desk, table or laptop, thinking of that person to write to you wonder what they will think when they get the letter you have put together in your mind. Will they think “Wow this person is trying to make it through.” Or will they just toss it in the trash. Well does it matter either way, why? Because you, have taken that step and put yourself out there and released some of the demons that were trapped inside you.
You may not feel comfortable in telling those close to you and right now I say why should you, if you have gotten it off your soul and just put it on “paper”, you don’t even have to send it, then you have done something that most people don’t. You have taken a step to take back your life.
Now, if you will be so kind, I have a letter to write…
Dear Andy Stanley,
You don’t know me, but I have a story to tell you…