voices 2Sometimes you can get to comfortable with the voices in your head. You lose all control and just let them run the show. It is easier and nobody gets hurt…except you.
You do your best not to let them get in the way of your everyday life. Or what is constructed as your everyday life, but sometimes they get out and destroy not only you but anyone in the blast path.
They leave you lonely and scared that nothing you do is right and anything you try to do will be wrong. They get in the way of friendships, of relationships of family life. They leave you with so much despair that all you can do is just…nothing.
Sometimes at night when you think you will be able to sleep they become more vocal and uglier. They tag team up on you to make your night a living hell and leave you to only wish you could sleep in peace and quiet.
It can go on for days and days, night after night and before long you look like the voices in your head and feel like the voices in your head. If you could only get them to stop, what would that be like?
Not to hear or feel like the worthless piece of crap that you feel you are. Not to have to battle the voices all the time, not to have to hide and be ashamed of yourself. What would that be like?
There are times that you understand why people take their own lives and why they just want to make it all go away…if you don’t then you my friend are a very lucky soul, cause until you have to battle something from the inside that is so you and will always be you, then maybe you, as a whole, should not shun or judge the ones that have to make that battle every day.
Demons…The voices that are inside my head.