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labelsEveryone does them…I hate them…yes I know hate is such a strong word…but it fits this blog I am posting. Why? Because I have been labeled…and I don’t deserve it…I may not think the way you think, believe the way you believe but that doesn’t make me a monster…as you will put it.
I am a person who has the right to think and believe what she wants to and can supposedly without the fear of being excluded from things…I mean that is how I operate… but apparently not you…because I don’t believe the way you do.
You know what I should just say “Fu_) You…but I can’t because I feel bad when people are left out and pushed to the side…maybe if you knew how that felt then you would not be so quick to “label” people. But you can’t help it…it is the way “your” Jesus told you how things are suppose to be done…Boy are you reading the wrong “book.”
But let me stop and say…okay, I just don’t believe and think like you…I have an open mind and can handle any and all people that don’t think like me. It is just a shame that you can’t expand your horizons because you can’t except people who do NOT think, act and behave like you…I feel sorry for you.
I just wish that you could open your eyes and see that there are people around you that have been hiding behind a wall, for the only reason, to be your friend, I will not cowtow to that belief and compromise myself for something that I don’t feel like I can be able to stress…Nor should you, I don’t want a fake friend I want a real friend…I guess you did not….
Am I sad that it has come to this…yes and no…I knew for a while that it would end like this, does that make it any easier…no, it does not, but that is something for you to reflect on, not me…I am who I am and I feel like I should not have to change to fit into your check list of who should be my friend and who should not…You should except any and everyone for who they are…NOT who you want them to be. Jesus did…


oh-noI am not a big fan of people who like to spread the word of God…Scratch that…I don’t mind talking about God, what I do mind is the ones who feel it is necessary to bug you in the grocery store. Come to you neighborhood and knock on your door. The ones who stop you at the park and bark at you if you turn and walk away, saying ugly, ugly things. These are the ones who know what God wants for you and come hell or high water they will let you know exactly what that is.
Now with that said, I am not opposed to people spreading the word but I do think they should at least be willing to tell the truth. The truth is not what that one person thinks the bible says about God. It is not about them telling you that if you don’t repent right here and now you are going to hell. No! That is not what it is about.
I am not a scholar on the bible, I do not claim to be in with the “Man up Stairs” but I do know in my heart that God will meet you where you are. He doesn’t want you to meet Him where He is. You don’t have to be a believer, go to church, read the bible any of that to just talk to God. God loves you know matter who you are, what you have done, who you marry, who you vote for. The relationship that you have with Him is up to you.
It is never going to be an easy relationship, and it shouldn’t be. If you step into this or any kind of relationship you know it will take work. You will get mad at God, that won’t bother Him. You will yell at Him, no problem. You may even stop talking to Him for a while…that is okay; He is a big boy and will be waiting when you are ready to talk again. All relationships require work, this one will too.
It is not easy to just give yourself up to someone totally in the first few minutes, hours, days, weeks, months…or yes years. This one may take a lifetime, so the ones who come and knock on your door, stop you in the store, or yell at you in the park don’t really know, in my opinion, what it is like to have a relationship with God. He doesn’t want you to scare a person into a relationship with Him…
He just wants to have a conversation with you, to let you know that in the end…Love Wins and He loves you. So now…How can I answer your questions?