You know what is one of the meanest things that anxiety, depression and any other mental health condition can steal from you? Your social life, your independence…your friends. Yes your friends, most of the time it is sneaky and slow. Then there are the quick and painful…like ripping off a band aid….you pull back, you try to explain but you feel like you are speaking a whole other language.
That’s when you just start pulling away more. It’s just not worth the effort to try and explain. You see less and less of friends…neck of just people in general. You may even stop going outside, all you can think is it’s not worth it.
But please listen to me, I know what it’s like to just want to give up. To just tell yourself that no one will ever understand so why? Why bother? But let me just put this out there…don’t stop putting yourself out there. Don’t let “them” win…this is your race, your life your CHOICE! Now before you start freaking out, just listen, I’m going to give you just a smackeral of advice…you are under no obligation to explain anything to anyone…if you don’t want to.
Depression, anxiety and any other mental health conditions…they do not have to describe you, become your identity. You have a mental health condition you are NOT A MENTAL HEALTH CONDITION! You can explain or not. If they understand great…if they don’t…it’s not your fault.
But please remember that YOU GOT TO HAVE FRIENDS!