There are things that you have to do to make your illness manageable…meditation, exercising even medicine. Then there’s the things that you do in spite of your illness.
This could be anything, from talking to friends, watching your favorite movie, finding something you Love on sale…with a coupon! Yes you do so many things to enjoy yourself in the midst of some crazy times. And damn it you should. I know it can be hard…and there will be times when you don’t feel like doing anything for yourself. Understandable, but just because of one bad minute, hour, day…etc, doesn’t mean that you stop. You take that time and hold it, embrace it, learn from it then you let that shit go and do what makes you feel less crazy.
There are too many things in life that can control us if we let them. But there are also so many things in life that can build you up and bring you back to life. You just need to take those baby steps and go out and conquer your sidewalk, lawn, grocery store…whatever, just take it slow. Now if you will pardon me…I’m going to Starbucks!