Like many of you, I was crushed by the death of Robin Williams. I cried for days and still do when I see a picture of him or watch anything he may be in. I was in a funk for a long time.
Robin Williams had his demons, he struggled with drugs and alcohol. Depression, that’s usually what makes comedy funny…ironic…but no one knew how deep his depression was. That’s a sad thing in itself. Why can’t we seem to get past not talking about it, what are people afraid of? That they will some how “catch” what we have, that we are just faking it, we just have to snap out of it!
It saddens me that we can openly talk about someone who has cancer, has had a heart attack or has any other “acceptable” illness…but not mental illness. Do you know how many people could be helped if the stigma was removed? It is like wearing a scarlet letter on you if someone finds out. Some of your friends start to act differently around you, if they stay your friend. That’s when you start to be a detective, who will be there for you, who can you trust.
When Robin Williams died a piece of me died with him. A piece of every mental health person died with him…why? Because when he committed suicide we thought…that could have been me! We all struggle with our demons and some days are better than others, some days you are sunshine and happiness some days you stay in bed all day in the dark and cry.
I understand that, what I want you too know is that if you ever get to that point, beyond the crying in the dark, and you feel like nothing is worth doing anymore then please think about Robin Williams…and then call someone, anyone…reach out to me I will hold your hand as long as you need.
I miss Robin Williams, a lot. I say it every time I see something on him.  I think about him and wonder what he might be doing now…and I never met him. Just imagine what the world would look like if he was still here…but he’s not…and those of us who suffer from mental illness all wonder why?
With that, we must stand up for each other, we must check in on each other…we must demand that mental health be taken seriously. That we matter! Please if you need to talk call National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 1.800.273.8255, and remember that you are not alone.
I miss you so much Robin Williams. 💔