Who hasn’t wonder what it would be like to be Closer to Fine? I mean how freeing would that be? I know you have your good days, but you feel like the bad ones out number those.Well they don’t, or at least they don’t have too.

It’s easy to do, says everyone who doesn’t have any mental health condition. But if we can learn to take life less seriously, then maybe we can learn how to be Closer to Fine. Don’t tell me you don’t dream of doing that, just shouting out …YOU CAN’T HAVE ME…NOT TODAY! How exciting would that be, just to be able to tell the voices in your mind, the doubters, anyone who said something to you that you could not shake. If we could just learn to take life less seriously then we can be…Closer to Fine.

Picture dragging yourself out of the darkness and unwrapping the cobwebs that you wrapped tightly around you to secure you from the outside.Looking for the light that seems hard to find. Then there it is, the flicker that you need to shake off the fog…you slowly get up and start walking, slowly at first then your pace quickens. The light grows brighter and the fog lifts and then you find yourself standing in the glorious warmth that is…Closer to Fine.

I know it is hard, we just have to tell ourselves that we are worth it. That we can do this. We all want to be able to take a deep breath and release a big sigh and feel like the weight of the world is not ours to carry any more. It gets easier, promise, but please don’t give up. If you feel like all you are doing is taking a step forward and getting knocked back, well you probably are. But just remember that you took that step forward, you took a chance on yourself, don’t be afraid to do it again…cause when you do you will find yourself…Closer to Fine.

With many thanks to the Indigo Girls.