I was doing my usual walk this morning and I was listening to music…cause that is life…and a song came on that I have heard a thousand times, but this time I heard it differently. It was Lifesong by Casting Crowns. They talk about letting their firm belief in God be their Lifesong to God and all the people around them. A big amen to that…but with those of us who struggle with just trying to find our Lifesong, I have a novel idea.

What if you, your struggles, your ups and downs, your highs and lows…from depression to anxiety be a Lifesong to the ones who don’t understand. What if we could bodily go out there and show everyone that we are here and we would like you to know that we maybe bent, but we are not broken. We can do that we can show the world, okay maybe not the world, but at least your family and friends, that you have a Lifesong and that they need to know what that is. You have to get out there and show them that on a day to day basis you are giving everything you have to yourself to make you a stronger, happier, less anxious…etc, person.

You have to let them know that this is not something you woke up one day and said…”Hey you know what I would like…” and fill in the blank. Some of you get up in the morning and say…”Today will be better than yesterday.” or “Today I will not let others get me down.” or “The voices in my head will not dictate how I will feel today.” That is when you know that you are living your Lifesong, that is when you need to make sure that everyone near and dear to you know that you are more than what is visible to them. You are a strong person, scared person, a shy person…you are a person.

You need to show them your hopes, dreams, fears and your Lifesong. Let your Lifesong sing to them. Let them see you in all your glory and all your sadness. Let them know that you are here and you need them. You are opening up your nailed shut door and trying to let some sun in and that you would like them to come in as well.

It won’t be easy and you will have set backs. Most people don’t understand mental illness and there are many more who still refuse to admit they are suffering. So if you and I could just let our Lifesong sing to them…then maybe we can not only save ourselves…but them as well.

I would like to say thank you to Casting Crowns for their beautiful song Lifesong. You will never know how much that song helped me on my walk this morning. Thank you.