Autumn is my favorite time of the year. I have heard that a lot from a number of people who suffer from some form of mental health issues. They say the same thing that I always tell people…Autumn is not the end of something, but the beginning of something new.

I know most people think that is what Spring is for, but Autumn is more of an awaking then even Spring is. Autumn brings out what the trees, leaves, flowers, weather and even the animals already know…that sometimes you need to shed some layers to rebuild what is broken.

Autumn is the most honest season there is. It holds nothing back, if it needs to remake something then it will. Autumn is the season that every other season wants to be when they grow up. Autumn takes nothing from no one and gives nothing but love and wonder to the world around it.

Autumn lets the leaves see what it’s like to be colorful to be vibrant. It let’s the trees see what it’s like to be full of green, yellow, orange, red and purple…then have nothing and start over again. Autumn gives you a chance to start over again. Isn’t that awesome? What would you do if you could shed something and start all over again?

Autumn lets you see yourself in another light. Lets you find your path in a different venue. Autumn is the friend that has your back and reminds you that nothing you do, or nothing you feel, or nothing you think can’t be changed. It reminds you that that is why it is here. So that you can, listen to the wind, witness all the beautiful colors…watch as a tree looses everything only to be promised something new and better is coming.

So Autumn is my favorite. It reminds me that nothing is permanet and that everything has a chance to start over again…that is why I love Autumn.