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give me

Give me…A quite and restful mind. A place to go to sooth my soul and ease my weary body.

Give me…A friend I can count on. A reason for moving. A place to go and not be alone.

Give me…Words to speak when my mind won’t let me. Love for the lonely. A pen and not a sword.

Give me…Someone to hear my prayers. Someone to see my tears.

Give me…Hope for my children. Peace in my restless world.

Give me…Time to heal. A love that is real.

Give me…Food for my hunger. Water for my un-quenched thirst.

Give me…A bandage for my wounds. A spotlight for my scars.

Give me…An undeniable reason to share my story.

Give me…LOVE!




So today is the day that has come and gone

Today is the day that will never re-appear

So why am I so sad to see it go

Why is there no chance for a way to let it be

Pieces of my soul have traveled very far

Words I have never spoken have been lifted in the air

Thoughts that have never been voiced have floated far away

Why is there no chance to let it be

Lost and alone with no place to go

Lost and alone with no place to pray

Why does this life work to treat me so bad

Why is there no chance to be

Sometimes there are things that seem to be odd

Little things that make life very hard

Today is that kind of day that doesn’t make sense

Why is there no chance to be.

Sleigh Bells Ring…

Sleigh bells ring on a silent night.  When no one is listening and things are not right.

A baby is born, did you hear the news?  Sleigh bells ring, while angles sing their cues.

One bright star with requests to follow, the animals bow down, but the rest remain hollow.

Sheppard’s watch over their flock, while others just sit and mock.

Sleigh bells ring on a silent night.

Hark; the angles begin to sing louder, as the shout glory to a newborn king is born without thunder.

The star is brighter and the bells are stronger, Sheppard’s look up and begin to ponder.

Who is this baby, that they angles sing, on a silent night as sleigh bells ring.

The little lamb looks up as the drummer boy starts to play, to a baby born on this day.

Sleigh bells ring on a silent night; someone is listening and shouted with delight.

Have you heard the news? A king is born in a stable so forlorn.

So they called it Christmas, but what have you learned?

Another year over and you have yet begun.

Sleigh bells ring on a silent night, when no one was listening and things were not right.

The baby was born in a stable, and made it possible for us to be able.

To sing praises to the one who came, the one that was given a beautiful name…

A name that is spoken throughout the land, a name that brings brightness to any one at hand

Sleigh bells ring, are you listening, in the lane a baby is glistening.

A beautiful site, we are happy tonight, Walking through a beautiful wonderland.


How Many Days…

How many days can you sit alone?
How long will you cry?
The pain that is engulfing you
The pain you try to hide.
How many nights will you try to sleep?
How many nights are you awake?
Some nights it doesn’t seem worth it
Some nights you just have to fake
How many days can you go without?
How many days do you play?
Such a silly thought
But what do you say?
How many days do you talk to God?
How many days to you pray?
Do you sit and bow your head?
Do you have another way?
How many days do you have to cry?
How many days will there be tears?
The pain that has a hold on you
The pain is showing its years
How many days will you be alone?
How many days can you take?
Can you hold on and grab a hand
Promise it won’t be a mistake.

Once Upon a Time…

Once upon a time in a land far away sat
A lonely little girl and her best friend Fred.
She loved him and cherished him as any friend would
But Fred was not human
He was invisible…all in her head.
She made him up to ease the pain
Everyone else had left her
She had nothing else to gain.
This gave her someone to talk to, someone to listen.
He never left her side and cried when she cried
He was a friend of epic proportion
As she grew up and things started to change
Fred felt that it was time to let go of the reins
He let them go slowly and she began to fly
She prospered and grew
So he said his good bye
Not wanting him to leave the girl started crying
This is not the end of our friendship Fred said
She looked and him in a puzzle
I have moved from your head to a place of great importance.
I will live there forever and if you do need me
Just place your hands together
And bend at the knees.

I’ve never really liked Christmas
It was a joke to my dad
Nothing good ever happened
Just a boat load of bad.

I’ve never really liked Christmas
It was a time to fake the love
Nothing was ever mentioned
About the man up above.

I’ve never really liked Christmas
This time of year is just there
Nothing could ever change that
Till I heard a voice say…”Here.”

I’ve never really liked Christmas
It was so hard to believe
That you could change my heart
What a wonderful release.
I’ve never really liked Christmas
I know you are saying wait!
But Christmas is something
That takes a little faith.

I’ve never really liked Christmas
But now I see it new
With eyes that have been open
And a heart that’s been renewed.

I’ve never really liked Christmas
But someone has soften my heart
There is a reason for the season
Time for a new start

I’ve never really liked Christmas
But maybe, just maybe
My heart has grown 2 sizes
And can now find some glee

I’ve never really liked Christmas
But I am ready to turn the leaf
Christmas isn’t about unloved
It’s not about any grief

I’ve never really liked Christmas
Can you hear the angels cry?
It’s that time of year
When God reminds you why

I’ve never really liked Christmas
I say that now and sigh
For things are different in my world
I have no reason to hide

I’ve never really liked Christmas
It was a joke to my dad
But God has won my heart
Things are not that bad.
Merry Christmas!!!!!

Broken Heart

Why do they do this
This thing they think is fun
The one thing that is truly
Not able to be undone

How can this be
The screaming is so loud
The blood curdling scream
Stop this from happening…please

What is this strange ache I feel
The deep down inside of me
The ache that is oh so real
It is the ache of a breaking heart.

Waking to the sound of Rain

Wake up and look around
Do you hear that soft landing sound?
One drop, two drops
Then there’s a third
It’s the way it falls
And kisses the mama bird
It’s cool and big the drops at hand
The way it plays as if in a band
Why is it so lovely too see
This falling water in front of me
The air grass is greener
The air is cleaner
How can you not sit and stare
Just listen to the sound outside your door
The one that you will want more
There is no greater miracle then this
Not now, not then just feel the mist
It is clear and wet
The bed is set
Look up and see what you can gain
Wake up to the sound of Rain.

No Shades of…

A long and fall like week end
Cool breezes blowing through
Sun shining, birds singing
Just staring at the blue

Skies are clear
Grass is mowed
Dinner is on the grill
Thoughts are being sowed

A daughter with her daddy
A son with his mom
Laughing, talking singing
Nothing is wrong

Life makes you smile
Family full of love
I see all of this now
With no shades of…

Just Sad

Too tired to cry,
Too hurt to talk,
Too small to care,
Too broken to walk,

The light has gone out,
The song has been sung,
The wind does not blow,
The darkness has begun,

I am tired of trying,
I am tired of faking
I am tired of listening
I am tired of people taking,

Just let me see
Just let me be bad
Just let me weep
Just let me be sad